Decentralized Launchpad
Platform for Social Finance
First Decentralized and Permissionless crowdfunding Platform launching
the next generation of Disruptive Applications for Social Finance.

Built For


Aiming to be a decentralized Launchpad platform for the
SocialFi trending market, removing the complexities of existing platforms. Create a secure, profitable, empowering platform for investors.


Team SocialFi is committed to the quality of Launchpad projects on the platform, each project IDO on SocialFi will be technically evaluated by the Team on the Token's Roadmap,compatibility and application.


The safest profitable investment solution for the SocialFi community, managing your funds helps you choose the most prestigious and quality projects for high-profit investment.

Partner & Investors


Best for

Guaranteed Allocations

Stake Mechanism

User can lock $SCFL token to get more $SCFL from there get guaranteed allocation based on Stake amount when joining IDO on SocialFinance.

Decentralized Launchpad

SocialFinance gets users' control of their assets, continuously voting if there are complaints about projects launched on SocialFi

Safe and effective fundraising

IDO projects on SocialFi are evaluated and scrutinized by our Team Research with many strict criteria to ensure ROI for investors.

Buy back

Revenue from the sale of $SCFL tokens will be used 80% to buy back Tokens every quarter.


Tier Level

Social-Fi Launchpad will guarantee the allocation of SCFL to
staking participants follow tier system, beside participants
will have the opportunity to buy the Whitelist with tier respectively.



Guaranteed Allocation 50$

  • 40000 $SCFL Stake
  • Beryl


    Guaranteed Allocation 250$

  • 200000 $SCFL Stake
  • Opal


    Guaranteed Allocation 500$

  • 400000 $SCFL Stake
  • Jadeite


    Guaranteed Allocation 1200$

  • 1000000 $SCFL Stake
  • Diamond


    Guaranteed Allocation 2500$

  • 2000000 $SCFL Stake
  • Multi Chain Launchpad

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